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We believe that knowledge should be shared and that every person in the world has the right to pass on and/or educate themselves with the best information.

Learn from the best coaches, become a coach, access VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, shape your NFT avatar and join a global community of learners and teachers.

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Real Game Changer. Discover the Sensei Temple, a gamified application for finding quality partners. With Sensei Temple,
users can get verified coaches and the right entourage to progress to progress efficiently towards their different goals. All accessible at your fingertips. Hundreds of thousands of fraudulent coachings are carried out every year, so it is important to know who you are dealing with so that you are not taken in by dishonest and/or incompetent people. Move forward with confidence with the Sensei Temple, a world first.
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Ikigai Finder

Ikigai finder

A unique service! Discover what you really like. It is important to be clear about your ambitions in order to project yourself and achieve your dreams & goals.

With the Ikigai Finder, get to know yourself better to identify your desires. Simply complete your Vision Board and start the adventure of your life!
Sensei Catalogue

Sensei Catalogue

Access to the best knowledge in the world. Access a catalogue of tailor-made coaches for all the areas you wish to develop in your life.

You are an experimenter and you wish to transmit your knowledge? Then join us and propose your services and offers for the members of the Sensei Temple.


We believe that work should be experienced as a game to increase our own potential. Discover the fun of playing to achieve your goals and grow in the real world!

Complete missions and quests to gain xp and level up on the Sensei Temple. Earn skill points, knowledge points and reputation points. Level up, change rank, ( Kohai, Senpai, Sensei ) get access to benefits, coaches, rewards or offer services according to your experience and much more!
Play to earn

Play to earn NFT

Get rewarded! Earn Skins and Items, customize your profile, develop your skills, gain xp and receive NFT Items as rewards to add to your Skin and customize it!

Participate in unique Item drops to create the NFT Avatar that suits you, increase your reputation and make your Avatar rare. Buy, sell and trade your favourite items on our MarketPlace.
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The virtual meets the real! Join global events and experience the adventure together in a real Metaverse.

Create offers, masterminds, participate in events, organise events, create personalised invitation tickets and collect payments in complete security from the Sensei Temple!
Sensei mobile
Profil personalisé

Personalized profile

Ergonomic and intuitive! Create a 100% customizable profile. Profile picture, avatar, NFT, bio, desires, goals, skills, messaging, contacts and more!

Easily create custom services and offers for Sensei Temple members! No more need for a resume your profile on Sensei Temple knows you better.


A verified coach catalogue. Access to coaches with validated skills. Our platform is built on blockchain infrastructure which allows you to make immutable votes towards your coaches or students.

The protocol verifies the skills and results of the coaches to ensure maximum reliability. Our system allows you to pay coaches in installments to ensure both parties. Try the world's most efficient evaluation protocol!
Social et Guilde

Social & Guild

Create a tailor-made entourage! Meet your future associates and identify profiles that look like you on the Sensei Temple. Access an instant messenger, join a guild to learn with your friends, get in touch with people who carry you up, simply exchange, organize a call or a group call.

You have a team and you want to pass on your knowledge? Then create a guild to propose your services and offers and share your knowledge with others.
Sensei finance

Sensei Finance

With Sensei Finance, generate automatic passive revenue by adding $SENSEI to our farming pool!

If you want to protect a part of your $SENSEI or trade it in crucial periods, turn your $SENSEI into $SEN to to ensure a fixed income.
Stacking et Hold

Stacking & Hold

Benefit from unique offers and exclusive advantages depending on the number of $SENSEI tokens you have.

Discover the benefits from the Stacking & Hold $SENSEI.

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Access a new reality from the SENSEI TEMPLE. A gamified matchmaking platform for learning and exchanging knowledge. Learn from verified
mentors and coaches on the first secure peer-to-peer protocol
for the knowledge economy.