Tokenomics $SENSEI

Increase your knowledge buying power!

The Sensei Token increases in value over time so keep your $SENSEI to access the best coaching. The daily burn of the token decreases the total supply and increases the value of the token over time. Based on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain infrastructure we use $SENSEI as the exclusive currency on the platform.

Token Details

Token TypeBEP20
Total Supply111,000,000,000
Market Cap1,065,662$
Price$0.0000096 USD
Total Burn8,520,000,000 $SENSEI
Supply in circulation52%
Smart Contract AuditAudit TechRate
BscScan token/0x495c3b71de97290361c6a7eabebd5c 20cd60326c#balances

Token Distribution

Total Sensei Supply111,000,000,000
Supply Presale Launch57,720,000,000
Burn Presale7,417,135,440
Sensei delivered to Advisors11,100,000,000
Sensei delivered to the team11,100,000,000
Sensei Development3,330,000,000
Operations Marketing13,320,000,000


The majority of the funds are used to develop the the platform, secure partnerships and build the digital infrastructure of the platform.

Users: 72 %

Funds are used to acquire new holders & users on the platform. Increase engagement in its voting services, P2P user experiences and marketplace.

Structure of the company: 5%

The funds are used to ensure that the platform maintains fully independent operations and has the freedom to develop on its own terms.

Security & legal: 1% dynamic costs

The funds will be used to ensure timely audits for Sensei, for the security of the platform and the legality of its operation in the EU and all other relevant global markets.

Details of the transaction fee $SENSEI

The transaction fees are beneficial to the whole SENSEI community. We explain this in more detail below. Fees are not active when you trade on our platform.

Sensei telechargement

Automatic rewards 4%

Holders earn passive rewards through automatic reflection and can see their $SENSEI balance grow indefinitely.

In fact, 4% of each transaction is redistributed equally to all $SENSEI token holders based on their ownership percentage. Everyone wins!

Burn and deflation 2%

2% of each transaction is doomed forever to decrease the supply of the $SENSEI token and increase its value over time through deflation. We burn tokens every day.

Marketing 1%

Our budget for the development of Sensei is unlimited. The more trades we generate, the stronger our system becomes. In fact, 1% of the fees from each transaction is used for marketing, project development, Airdrops and more.

Rug-Proof LP 2%

Each transaction helps to automatically generate liquidity that feeds several pools used by the exchanges.

In fact, 2% of each transaction is split 50/50: half is sold by the contract in BNB, while the other half of Sensei tokens is automatically added with the BNB as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap. This allows the LP to be continuously fed and strengthened.

Sensei Treasure 1%

The earnings generated by the Sensei Treasure portfolio will be used to send funds to organisations working to improve the world and to support virtuous initiatives in all fields with a priority on education. Follow the news of the Sensei Trésor and participate by voting to support your favourite organisations!


A step-by-step plan to ensure 100% safety.

Against fragility

A wallet will never be able to bring the price down significantly.If a trade exceeds 1% of the total offer, the trade will be rejected. If a Holder decides to sell, then you will be rewarded with a dynamic 10% fee.

  • Fair launch on DxSale.
  • LP locked to DxLocker for 4 years.

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