The first peer-to-peer protocol for secure knowledge exchange.

Sensei is developing the Sensei Temple, a gamified platform for
connect human beings and share knowledge.
SENSEI is used as an exclusive currency on the platform.

Sensei monnaie

What is Sensei?

Sensei is an alternative currency that offers everyone the opportunity to share their experiences, products and services through the Sensei Temple platform.

Choose to become the best version of yourself, learn from the best, promote yourself and connect with thousands of people who want to improve their lives, or even the world.

The Sensei world is rich, vast and ready to welcome all profiles,
dreams and goals that your imagination is capable of making!

$SENSEI - The rocket fuel

The matchmaking platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure. allows users to buy $SENSEI to learn from the best and gain access to a new users can create and sell services, purchase coaching services or training through but also make immutable votes by accessing a complete and revolutionary revolutionary ecosystem for exchanging knowledge. allows to secure the exchange of knowledge between all users and offers a revolutionary user experience. Votes cast on the Sensei Temple are executed as a series of smart contracts that run through the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Road Map

Here are the main actions we will implement to grow the SENSEI project.
The full roadmap is available on our GitBook and will be updated regularly.

June 2021
July 2021
August 2021
September 2021
October 2021
November 2021
December 2021
Q1 2022
- End of the study and launch of the project
- Foundation of the team
- Testing and launch of the $SENSEI token
- Design and deployment of the website
- Establishment of multiple partnerships
- Opening of dedicated community spaces
- Creation of the artistic pole
- Delivery of the Gitbook V1
- Official presale on DxSale
- Fair launch with a purchase limit of 1.6 $BNB
- 7,417,135,440 tokens condemned during the presale
- Liquidity pool created on
- Locked in liquidity on DxSale for 4 years
- Locking of team members' tokens for 1 and 3 years
- Google.doc transparency of addresses related to the project
- Black Paper V1.0 online
- Strengthening of the team
- Enlargement of the community
- Integration of key partners and ambassadors
- Prototyping of the Sensei Temple
- Listing on CoinGecko
- Enhancement of the user experience on the site
- Development of the Sensei Temple beta version
- Design of the internal levels of Sensei Temple
- Integration of the main advisors (Advisors)
- Update of the Black Paper V1.1
- Update of the website
- Update of BSC Scan information
- Delivery of TechRate security audit
- Instagram optimization & design redesign
- Growth Hacking test on Instagram & Twitter
- Community testing (30 testers) on the Sensei Temple V0.1 beta version
- Registration on BlockFolio
- NFT "FIRST HOLDER" Success is a game
- Deployment of the SenseiTemple V0.1 Beta
- Launch of the Dev blog
- Deployment of guilds
- Deployment of a Sensei store
- Influence marketing campaign
- Listing on CoinMarketCap
- Optimal legal structuring
- User acquisition
- Cross-chain bridge creation
- NFT & SenseiTemple benefits
Sensei Couverture

Press coverage

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Our Team

At Sensei, we offer easy access to knowledge transmission to anyone, anywhere, through a highly secure decentralised Platform aiming to become the Airbnb & Paypal of knowledge. This is why we have surrounded ourselves with a strong team of entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers with whom we can literally design the education of the future.











    Value Angel




    FullStack Developer


    Blockchain Architect


    Lead Web FullStack Developer


    UX/UI Designer


    Blockchain Advisor


    Creative Advisor


      Crypto Mood



      Head of partnerships


      Business Developper


      Business Developper


      Business Developper


      Business Developper