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When your Success
Becomes a Game

Sensei is the first platform that gives you access to all the knowledge you need to achieve your goals. By following the Sensei quests: find your vision, surround yourself with the right people and meet the perfect coach for your needs.

Then become a coach to help others and monetise your knowledge!

Welcome to a project


Nous avons pour ambition de réinventer profondément le partage et la monétisation de connaissances en créant un écosystème vertueux autour de ces 2 dimensions.

Une Communauté incroyable

A vibrant Community

We listen to our community and are supported by other like-minded networks. From this ecosystem, we want to integrate each of you to make the knowledge economy evolve.
Don't wait any longer, join us!

Dapp Sensei Temple
Une Plateforme de savoir

A knowledge Platform

Let yourself be guided by a simple, intuitive and effective platform for quality learning. You will find inspiring, experienced people to accompany you in a new and enriching experience.

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Explore, learn and develop your skills in all areas of knowledge.

Collaborative Catalogue

Thanks to the feedback and training pathways of the entire community, Sensei gives you access to an endless catalogue of reliable and up-to-date information, directly from users for users.

Gamification & Levels

By completing the quests proposed by Sensei, you will increase your level which will reflect your knowledge, know-how & skills, thus reinforcing your reputation and legitimacy in our ecosystem but also leading you to your definition of success.

Reviews & Certifications on Blockchain

Sensei uses Blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of the reviews and certifications (SBT) of coaches/students and content on the app. This allows you to choose with confidence and avoid scams.

Intelligence Artificielle

Notre IA relie les mentors et apprenants partageant les mêmes passions, valeurs, rêves et propose des formations sur mesure pour atteindre les objectifs de chaque utilisateur. Une révolution éducative propulsant vers une croissance sans précédent !

Group 7

Quest N°1

Set your objectives

Achieve your professional and personal goals by discovering your Ikigai (what you get up for in the morning) with our revolutionary module. Explore your interests, passions, talents and needs to find your purpose.

Create a unique profile by sharing your experiences, your successes, your failures (because with us failure is a diploma!) and your knowledge path (books, mentors, trainings, events, etc.) and inspire other Sensei users by showing that anything is possible!

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Quest N°2

Identify your Mentors for success

To achieve your goals, find the right mentor and learn the proven methods for success in your field with Sensei. Don't hesitate to ask for help when you encounter obstacles, as it is likely that a mentor or another user (nakama) has already overcome the same challenges.

Your mentors can offer unique insights and introduce you to key people in their network to help you move forward on your success journey.

Group 8

Quest N°3

Identify companions who are like you

One thing is for sure, you are the average of the 5 people you deal with the most.

Get out of your default circle and move forward with people who are really like you. Help each other to achieve your goals and join forces to create a common project!

By associating your life with people who inspire you, you open the doors to a brighter future.

Group 10

Quest N°4

Continuously train yourself

Society is changing extremely fastAs a result, 85% of jobs by 2030 do not yet exist, so remain students at all times. Online training is extremely effective.

Take advantage of our new Sensei proof-of-trust consensus system to compare all existing courses, books, resources and acquire the best up-to-date ones in your field thanks to the collaborative catalogue coupled with the level system (never seen before!).

Group 8 Copy

Quest N°5

Share and Inspire

Thanks to the 1 to 100 level system, users can evaluate your performance and allow you to stand out.

Now that you have gained knowledge, and increased your level, you are more visible in the Sensei Temple.

You can then think about offering your time, expertise and network in return for payment or not, through calls, meetings, long-term support and more than fifteen other possibilities. No more impostor syndrome, your legitimacy is transparent.

Finally, you are now a role model, contributing to our next generation social network to meet the challenges of tomorrow. #WeAreOne (secret)

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."
Abraham Lincoln

Onboarding Tutorials :

You are only a few steps away from changing your life.

The strength of xPortal is that it is certainly the most ergonomic application for creating a web 3 portfolio. 

Discover the Ikigai finder module (tuto on what is an Ikigai). This module is bound to evolve a lot more. In a first step, you will be able to print your vision board to keep your goals and dreams close to you by printing it on your walls or putting it as a wallpaper. 

"When Success Becomes a Game", our credo so dear to our hearts. You'll have the chance to have fun following the Sensei quests which take the science of success popularised by great thinkers such as Napoleon Hills, Dale Carnegie, and many other accomplished personalities to maximise your potential to become the best version of yourself. You will find quests that combine your life skills, your know-how and your knowledge in relation to your goals. 

Now that you know what you want, that you have a turnkey platform to build your personal and professional future, it's time for action thanks to Sensei Temple and its ergonomics like an Airbnb of knowledge, easily find partners, friends, mentors, training and more than a dozen types of services to build you in an environment tailored to you. #WEAREONE

⛩ Roadmap ⛩

Here are the main actions we will implement to develop the SENSEI project.

Want to find out more? Browse the Black Paper or join us on Telegram


At Sensei, we offer easy access to knowledge transmission to anyone, anywhere, through a highly secure decentralised Platform aiming to become the Airbnb & Paypal of knowledge.

This is why we have surrounded ourselves with a strong team of entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers with whom we can literally design the education of the future.

Kévin MAROUS (Tikapo)


Miloude BARAKA


Vincent cordier


Bedros astourian


Tony amato


Solène jaillard

UI/UX Designer


At Sensei, we offer easy access to knowledge transmission to anyone, anywhere, through a highly secure decentralised Platform aiming to become the Airbnb & Paypal of knowledge.

This is why we have surrounded ourselves with a strong team of entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers with whom we can literally design the education of the future.



Trademark Advisor

Laurent MAYER


Strategy Advisor

Justine HOUGE


Advisor Communication & Foundation

Hayk Mnatsakanyan


Advisor FundRaising

Philippe POUX


Advisor French Tech Arménie



Advisor Tech MVX



Advisor FundRaising

We want to change the world. Why not join us ?

Frequently asked questions

Boost your achievements with a powerful, reliable and comprehensive tool for finding mentors, companions, training and more in all areas without geographical barriers.

Sensei est l'outil d’identification d’objectifs et de solutions d’apprentissage le plus avancé du marché. Avec le catalogue Sensei disponible dans tous les domaines, vous êtes certains de ne pas avoir de regret dans votre vie et d’atteindre les objectifs qui pourraient vous intéresser.

Entrepreneurs, this super-app is for you! 🚀

🗽 Freelancers, micro-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, self-employed, employees ...

💁 Therapists, Coaches, Psychologists, Consultants, Trainers, ...

Young people looking for role models and concrete opportunities to achieve their dreams.

📱 Influencers, bloggers, podcasters, journalists, writers ...

🧘♂️ Yoga teachers, meditation teachers, sophrologists, ...

👩⚕️ Self-employed doctors and nurses

🏠 Contractors in real estate, architecture, and decoration

💻 Developers, designers, IT consultants, ...

💻 E-traders, infopreneurs, marketers

🪚 Craftsmen: designers, watchmakers, carpenters

🆕 Retraining

♾️ Other

Sensei is an open ecosystem on a freemium basis. Then three offers, Basic, Pro and Business will allow you to lower commissions to acquire and monetize knowledge as well as unlock additional features.

Share the project on your networks, affiliate your friends who are a source of knowledge for you so that they can monetise their experiences and help our community of nakamas #WeAreOne

We encourage you to read our Blackpaper again, but our main goal is to be among the top 50 blockchain projects in terms of capitalization. Indeed, the knowledge economy is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and we intend to conquer it by offering an unparalleled level of excellence and user experience

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