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Our values

The Sensei project is positioned at the crossroads of Egyptian and Japanese culture:
The golden age of knowledge refers par excellence to Ancient Egypt.
Thus the project is conveyed around Anubis, the god who makes you pass the weighing test.
If your heart is lighter than a feather then you will have the opportunity to become an initiate and obtain the rank of Sensei (advanced knowledge, skills and reputation).
diamond (4)@2x


A network without censorship. Let's take advantage of the transparency that decentralisation offers to give everyone the chance to learn and be trained. A place without negative ego, no bad energy, only value!

Group 79@2x


As the blockchain is the foundation of trust, the final objective is that once the smart contracts are perfectly calibrated, this protocol will no longer have any governance and will be the guardian of knowledge.


Mutual aid

Together, we share the desire for an ethical and honest project that allows everyone to help each other in confidence. One of the secrets of our project is a sense of community. We practice "yuimaaru", teamwork, which encourages us to help each other.



Let's achieve our goals and leave a positive mark on this world. In solidarity, each of us can make a difference. Carried by "ichariba chode", an expression that means: "Treat others as if they were your brothers, even if it is the first time you see them".

ichariba chode


the Sensei Manifesto

We are the SPIRIT OF FREEDOM, a group of free and humble spirits who believe that we can act on our own scale to propose a world irrigated with knowledge.

We live in your families, your countries, your governments, we are everywhere, we know no borders.

This is our manifesto. The manifesto of the Sensei.

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